Sustainable & Reliable Solar Energy for Off-Grid or Emergency Power

Portable Solar Power Generators for Today and When its the Only Means to Produce Electricity

You can be more prepared

Electrical Grid Collapse

Long-Term Solar Benefits

Establishing a sustainable means to generate solar power is possible today.  If you have needs to keep medicine cool or run medical devices overnight SPARKESOLAR can help.  Restoring the grid in the aftermath of a natural disaster will take time.  You can generate electricity each and every day to power critical devices by planning ahead today .

Aim SPARKE For Efficient Energy Collection

SPARKESOLAR has integrated standard products into a solution that provides both basic AC and DC power for devices we will need during recovery.  Hand held tools, ham radios, a means to cook/cool food and night lighting will need power. Solar generated power will accelerate the rebuilding process. 

Intellegent Battery Box

Built on a platform with wheels SPARKE can be manually positioned to recharge the Battery.  SPARKE  folds flat for easy storage and the Battery Box is equipped with a handle.


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